Mapbox is a mapping platform for developers. Our building blocks make it easy to integrate location into any mobile or online application. We want to change the way people move around cities and understand our planet.

From finding a coffee spot on Foursquare, to pinning a vacation spot on Pinterest, to geo-tagging notes in Evernote – we do the geo stuff so developers can focus on building their app. Mapbox is the foundation for other platforms, letting enterprises analyze their data, drone companies publish flyovers, real estate sites visualize properties, satellite companies process cloud-free imagery, and insurance companies track assets.

Mapbox is an open source company. We build our product with open source parts, work in the open, and release as much code as possible – it's the right thing for people, technology, and business.

Priorities as a partner of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

To offer access to services to humanitarians, services, and resources to educators around the world, and commit to supporting Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team map the most vulnerable places in the world in extreme data and openly.

Mapbox builds tools to create and share beautiful, sophisticated, open, easy to use maps. Maps that clearly communicate, and reach everyone that need them, fast, are critical for rapidly responding to SDG challenges. Maps for SDG monitoring and realization need to be based on the best of openly available data, and massive amounts of data from satellites, drones, data collection. We are excited to connect open source and open data communities to the SDGs -- open is key to realizing data goals.