Premise's Mission

Premise Data is on a mission to close the information gap in a complex, evolving world. By empowering a network of thousands of individuals around the globe to collect and share information with decision-makers who will be better informed, we are doing our part to bring about positive change by the sharing of knowledge.

Premise's Solution

The Premise platform is an optimal solution for accessing a parallel/augmented data source powered by real on-the-ground contributors, in order to prioritize resources and inform courses of action and decision making.

Premise runs a mobile application that is used by more than one million contributors globally. Contributors throughout the world access the mobile app and instantly get access to an online marketplace containing surveys and tasks that when successfully completed receive financial remuneration.

Premise uses automated business rules and machine learning-based quality control capabilities to ensure high-quality crowdsourced data is quickly captured—a process that can become a force multiplier for organizations looking to improve research and insights processes that increase their impact. By making it easier than ever to collect, aggregate and quality control locally-sourced human-gathered intelligence, Premise’s platform fills information gaps and delivers real-time data for customer success.

Premise helps global international development organizations see around the world’s biggest corners. Political and economic transformations. Food scarcity. Water shortages. Blackouts. We enrich data collected on the ground by our global network of contributors with a set of predictive analytics to discern what is happening on the ground now -- and likely to happen in the future.

Priorities as a partner of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

Premise transforms any individual with a smartphone into a human sensor. With an investment of more than $67 million in our technology, Premise has created a distributed global network of nearly 2.6 million local data contributors who make money collecting data about their community under a gig economy-based model (similar to Uber). Premise recruits data contributors on an ongoing basis using a mixture of digital and traditional marketing.

Premise's international development clients use us for assessment, monitoring, and evaluation data collection and analytics for global health, humanitarian assistance, democracy and governance, energy, and value chain development.