Development Initiatives (DI) is an independent international development organization that focuses on the role of data in driving poverty eradication and sustainable development. 

Since DI began in 1993 our expertise and passions have been rooted in the role data can play. We are focused on getting better data on poverty and vulnerability so we know where need is greatest and whether efforts are working. We are dedicated to improving information about resources so that they can be targeted effectively. And we want to help others use data to improve decision-making and drive better results.

Our vision is a world without poverty that invests in human security and where everyone shares the benefits of opportunity and growth.

Priorities as an Inclusive Data Charter Champion

  • Improve the supply of fully disaggregated data by advocating for long-term investment in administrative and registry data, as well as calling for all suitably anonymized microdata to be made openly accessible by national statistics offices
  • Use the disaggregated data that is available to its fullest extent in our own research and analysis to increase information on the world’s most marginalized people
  • Work in partnership with other organizations and expert groups to identify where and how data can be better disaggregated
  • Promote the inclusion of populations frequently excluded from official statistics including those outside birth registration systems, displaced populations, and those living outside household

DI's IDC Action Plan.

DI's IDC 2019 Monitoring Report.

Priorities as a partner of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

The P20i is a project focused on how the post-2015 goals and the data revolution deliver for people in the poorest 20% globally. It will focus attention on data that tracks progress for the people in the poorest 20%; monitor and explain current availability and use of data to ensure that no one is left behind; and signpost progress on how data disaggregated by Quintile, Gender, Age, and Disability.