With just six years left to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), demand for more and better data to analyze progress and target interventions has grown. In this context, data sharing and access to privately-held data are among the most sustainable ways to address pressing challenges in health, environment, social development, and more. 

But there’s a lack of practical tools and accessible knowledge resources to enable data sharing in development, which is why the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data (the Global Partnership) brought partners together in 2022 to create the cookbook for Effective and Ethical Data Sharing at Scale. 

Today we’re announcing two updates to this resource. A revised version of the cookbook now includes new sections based on feedback from partners about additional information. And, we’re announcing an e-learning course, based on the original cookbook, that’s available for free thanks to our partners at the Datasphere Initiative. All of this work has been sponsored by Google.org and co-created with partner organizations from across our network. 

New recipes for success

This update to the cookbook identifies additional drivers of effective data sharing in the development sector and builds upon the research and expert guidance underpinning the cookbook through a series of interviews with partners and contributors. In the new sections you will read about onboarding your chefs (key stakeholders) and navigating the kitchen (the data sharing policy landscape), both with helpful recipes to deepen understanding.  

Get cooking with the free online course 

The e-learning course makes the cookbook accessible in an easy-to-digest format, with interactive exercises, quizzes, and dynamic graphics. 

The course employs the same conceptual framework as the cookbook, using the data sharing food pyramid to facilitate an enriching learning experience for participants, explaining the underlying principles governing data sharing practices. By leveraging this familiar analogy, learners are equipped with a deeper understanding of the rationale, substance, and methodologies inherent in data sharing.

The e-learning course not only offers a roadmap for various data sharing practitioners to begin their journey but also sheds light on the pivotal stakeholders to engage with along the way.

In order to ensure a holistic understanding of the content, the e-learning curriculum incorporates a multifaceted approach. Through a blend of knowledge checks, reflective exercises, and practical applications, participants are encouraged to internalize the concepts  empowered to translate their newfound knowledge into action. Learners who engage with the course receive a certificate of completion. 

We encourage you to explore the revised cookbook, access the e-learning course, and share your feedback with us by emailing jmclaren@data4sdgs.org and lblackburn@data4sdgs.org