Duration: 75 min
Location: Auditorio 4
Session type: Lightning talk

Data has a PR problem - it’s dry, boring and complicated. But these eight speakers are data creatives, changing the way data is used for journalism, arts, storytelling and social media in the social impact space.

The speakers and their topics include:

  1. Social impact data storytelling best practices - Vanitha Lucas
  2. Future of household surveys: Data innovation for inclusion and timeliness - Sarah Lucas
  3. Navigating language colloquialisms in social media chatter using sentiment analysis - Lila Rao Graham
  4. How generative AI will change media & the arts - Ali Dunn
  5. Data storytelling to advance your advocacy goals - Jillian Randolph
  6. Does data give credibility to storytelling - Winnie Kamau
  7. How to make data memorable, engaging, and inspiring, using cartoons, humour and serious gameplay - Tapiwa Jhamba
  8. What I think about when writing a data driven news article - Youyou Zhou