Duration: 75 min
Location: Auditorio 2
Session type: Town hall

This session at the Festival is co-created by the Global Partnership, Data2X and Sightsavers. This tripartite will create a space to bring in expertise on inclusive data from a digitalisation, gender and disability lens and together shape a pathway for inclusive data processes and intersectionality. 

This session will focus on elevating the inclusive data agenda. An agenda that is the foundation of all data systems and which should remain a priority. As otherwise, all efforts, including AI and digitization will not solve all our problems if they don’t take an inclusive data approach. 

The town hall will be an interactive session to trigger debate among participants. It will end with some key next steps as commitments by the three host organizations.

The speakers at this session include:

  • Jenna Slotin, Global Partnership
  • Krista Baptista, Data 2X
  • Fiona Lawless, Sightsavers
  • Aidan Eyakuze, Twaweza
  • Mariana Rozo-Paz, Datasphere Initiative
  • José Viera, International Disability Alliance
  • Rose Bukania, Government of Kenya
  • Soraya Talero, Fundacion WWB
  • María Paula Alonso, Agencia Presidencial de Cooperación Internacional de Colombia, APC-Colombia