Duration: 105 min
Location: La Barra 1
Session type: Training session

Across the world, organizations delivering development and humanitarian activities are making more data on their funding and results open and accessible. Increased access and availability of transparent development and humanitarian data is an essential step towards improving the effectiveness of resources. The International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) is a pioneer in unlocking such data. Data available from IATI is a primary source of real-time information on external finance to developing countries, capturing development and humanitarian funding from more than 1,600 organizations (governments, multilaterals, civil society and others). 

Through IATI’s suite of publicly available tools, we unlock timely, transparent development and humanitarian data that can help improve accountability, support advocacy efforts, increase coordination or find funding opportunities. 

Over the course of the session, you will learn more about IATI’s tools for accessing development cooperation and humanitarian data, and how this data can be applied in real-world situations to solve development cooperation questions. We welcome you to our informal, informative and interactive training session hosted by the IATI Secretariat.