Edutainment meets AI: Collective reflection on data and technology using generative AI

Duration: 75 min
Location: Jag├╝el 1
Session type: Ideas lab

Individuals across the world use (and are profitable to) AI-based solutions by the tech industry. Still, levels of awareness and understanding of technology remain low, and the majority of content and dialogue produced about the implications of these solutions, such as social media, is primarily available in English. It is paramount to engage citizens in conversations about our relationship with AI and technology.

We make the hypothesis that people want to have these conversations about such complex technological topics, but they need:

  1. an appropriate online space to do so (as opposed to incumbent public digital spaces that reward superficial consumption of information), and;
  2. access to compelling content under an easily digestible format and methodology.

This will be a workshop-type session in which participants can apply our methodology to reflect about the (positive and negative) transformations that technology, data and AI are triggering in our societies.

We will ask participants to think of any book, movie, documentary, series or audio (e.g. podcast) that is related to this topic and has impacted them in some way (for e.g.: giving hope, provoking fear, wondering how it applies to their local context etc.). Based on this initial personal brainstorming, we will provide time for participants to generate an AI-based image that illustrates their thinking on the matter, using the Dall-e based interface available on the Eureka platform (, a platform developed by the applicant. Finally, we will collectively discuss the images produced by each participant, and use them to summarize the main feelings, thoughts and takeaways as a group.