DataReady supports the development of accountable, responsible, and resilient data ecosystems.

Our aims include helping to build transparent and accountable development-focused knowledge management systems; working with others to collectively and inclusively set global standards for knowledge management as well as data protection and respect for human rights; and, encourage responsible knowledge sharing and exchange on a global scale.

Priorities as a partner of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

DataReady operates at the intersection of digital and data policy, technological innovation and regulatory standards. We work with a range of entities from international networks and organisations, to governments, private sector service providers and civil society groups.

We provide services across issues of data governance and management; facilitation of multi-stakeholder and inclusive decision-making processes; and, supporting development sector organisations to sustainably integrate data-driven innovations into their work.

We focus in particular on the production on detailed guidance around issues of data sharing, open data publication and interoperability; data protection, confidentiality and privacy; and, respect for human rights and ethical data governance.


This Partner Works to Achieve These SDGs