Reimagining Data and Power: A Roadmap for Putting Values at the Heart of Data

Buildings in the foreground with mountains in the background. Aerial view of Bogota, Colombia.

In Spring 2021, the Data Values Project set out to understand and garner consensus on what changes people wanted to see in data for development. More than 350 people from 63 countries weighed in on ways to unlock the value of data for all and to manage the risks and diminish harms associated with data. We’re grateful to the Global Partnership’s Technical Advisory Group for their leadership in this process.

The Data Values Project's white paper, Reimagining Data and Power: A Roadmap for Putting Values at the Heart of Data, is the result of the past year of public consultation. Click on the links below to view the paper in English, French and Spanish. A blog with detailed descriptions of the changes made to an early draft of this white paper based on feedback from more than 100 people in May 2022 is available here.

What’s next for the Data Values Project? This fall the Data Values Project is launching a global campaign to advocate for actions that place people at the center of data design, collection, and use. Stay up to date by signing up to receive updates from the campaign, subscribing to the #DataValues Digest for the latest thinking and analysis, and following #DataValues on social media.