A cornerstone of the Sustainable Development Agenda and the “Data Revolution” is an increased ability to unite public- and private-sector interests to solve the world’s biggest problems. Project 8 embodies that opportunity to bring together the unique knowledge, capabilities, and assets of public and private sector organizations.

Project 8 was created by the United Nations Office of the Secretary-General, the United Nations Foundation and The Demand Institute (jointly operated by The Conference Board and Nielsen).

Priorities as a partner of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

Project 8 has prototyped a cloud-based, open data collaboration platform focused on sustainable development data and human needs perspectives, in particular. It is a professional social network built around data. Through this platform, users can contribute, find, visualize, and discuss data with other researchers and practitioners around the world. Together, the community can increase the visibility and utility of existing data, identify data gaps and discuss new sources of information.

The project is being prototyped around Sustainable Development Goal 2 — "Zero Hunger” — but aims to eventually support data collaboration across all 17 goals.

Want to get involved in the next phase of the project? In addition to beta users (request an invite here), the collaborating organizations seek:

  • Donor organizations that can help scale the project through their knowledge, networks, and financial support
  • Domain experts that will help us continue to learn and iterate the platform
  • Related initiatives that want to collaborate to accelerate mutual progress

Collaborators will be contributing to a project of enormous importance to planning work across the United Nations system, the public and private sector and, consequently, humankind. Leadership involvement will include high profile marketing and relationship opportunities as the project moves out of its prototype phase and into the public sphere.


Initiatives in Project 8

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Citizen-Generated Data Task Team

Looking for Partners | GPSDD Initiated
Working to produce recommendations on what types of CGD initiatives are best suited to different purposes; producing guidance on how to navigate and engage with different types of CGD initiatives; and providing a forum to share experiences, challenges, and learning related to CGD.

This Partner Works to Achieve These SDGs