The Open Knowledge Foundation (OKF) Germany is part of the international Open Knowledge Network promoting open data and digital tools for transparency, accountability and citizen participation. We are based in Berlin and work on projects different sectors such as open budget data, procurement data, access to information and training different stakeholders in the use of data and the development of own applications. As an organisation our specific focus is SDG16. One of our projects is the development of a prototype for SDG monitoring in high-income countries, which covers all 17 SDGs.

Priorities as a partner of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

To continue its project 2030Watch on SDG monitoring from a civil society perspective, combining official data sources and civil society organizations data. We also commit to improve our prototype for SDG monitoring, which provides an easy overview of SDG indicators, reflects the specific responsibility of high-income countries, and allows for country comparisons. Finally, we commit to share our lessons learned and our code with other stakeholders in order to promote ambitious SDG monitoring in all countries.


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