Local Interventions Group (LIG) is a non-profit company working with affordable innovation and data-driven solutions for smarter governance. LIG grew out of a student research seminar at the London School of Economics and have active programs in Nepal and early stage presence in Pakistan.

We are a founding member of Washington, D.C. based OpenGovHub in Nepal, member of Opening Parliament Forum, member of Follow the Money Network, and recognized partner in Nepal for Open Government Partnership. We have worked in partnership with the Asia Foundation and DfID. Most importantly, we are currently working on Inter-Agency Common Feedback Project in partnership with UNOCHA, mobilizing 100 plus volunteers across 14 most quake-affected districts. Mobile Citizen Help Desk has several other components within – Open Mic Project to debunk quake-related rumours in partnership with Internews, a mass survey to gather data on how earthquake victims perceive the relief and reconstruction phases and disaster accountability program Follow the Money. Our goals are not just to make sure earthquake relief efforts are fair and transparent, but that all affected Nepalis are listened to by those chosen to serve them.

We are also Nepal’s first Echoing Green Global Fellow organization and we have recently been commended by the Nepal Police for our service to them. LIG is a legally registered entity with the government of Nepal, with tax-exemption from Nepal’s Inland Revenue Department and affiliation to Social Welfare Council Nepal.

Priorities as a partner of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

As a pioneering data-driven non-profit based in Nepal, Local Interventions Group commits to continue producing data across policy sectors and work closely with governments and civil society in South Asia to track progress on the Sustainable Development Goals.

LIG will achieve these commitments by working in close collaboration with Global Partnership members, DataShift/CIVICUS, The World Bank, and the Open Government Partnership, among others, and help develop a broad data ecosystem in the region to leverage for advocacy.


This Partner Works to Achieve These SDGs