SocialCops is a data intelligence company based in New Delhi, India. SocialCops was founded on the mission of empowering organizations and leaders with the accurate data and information required to make decisions in real time for confronting the world’s most critical problems and developmental challenges.

The SocialCops platform brings the entire decision-making process to one place — from collecting primary data, accessing secondary data, and merging internal data to visualizing data via easy-to-use and intuitive dashboards. The platform provides a single point of interaction with the users’ data, all unified and powered by the data intelligence methodology.


Priorities as a partner of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

SocialCops is committed to leveraging data and technology to enable the real-time tracking and monitoring of development efforts under the UN Sustainable Development Agenda.

SocialCops is building a holistic data intelligence solution for enabling governments to track their efforts, progress, and contribution towards the UN SDG agenda. We are working with the United Nations in India under the leadership of the Government to develop a national level platform to track and monitor India's developmental progress towards the SDGs across sectors for various stakeholders. The dashboard will enable aligning development programs and efforts, be it at the state or central level or whether implemented by the government or the private sector, to focus on the indicators, sectors, and geographies that can maximize impact to achieve the SDGs. SocialCops is also working with the UN and the Business Council in Papua New Guinea to help bring fragmented development initiatives by businesses on one cohesive platform, hence aligning them to national goals to promote the concept of inclusive businesses.

SocialCops works with governments, businesses, and civil society organizations by enabling them to make targeted decisions for development - using real-time and high-quality data. Our data intelligence platform allows for the convergence of data currently stored in silos and transforms them into actionable insights to allow for a holistic and real-time assessment of every SDG individually.


This Partner Works to Achieve These SDGs