Aerial cityscape with buildings in the foreground, mountains against a cloudy sky in the background.
Aerial view of Bogotá, Colombia. Credit: Bergslay/Pixabay

Today the Data Values Project launches a public consultationto shape an agenda for change to create equitable, just, and sustainable data systems. 

A new white paper, Reimagining Data and Power: A roadmap for putting values at the heart of data, shares a vision for a world that challenges existing power imbalances, where people and communities have agency in data, decision-makers are accountable for data governance, and policy makers and development practitioners use data effectively to promote equitable and sustainable development. 

The white paper draws on engagement led by the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data’s Technical Advisory Group with people from 145 organizations and 55 countries over the past year. From digital rights advocates and human rights defenders to public officials, statisticians, development practitioners, and corporate leaders, a wide range of individuals who care about the impacts and opportunities of data have shaped this project.

Framed around three pillars—Agency in Data, Accountability in Data Governance, and Data in Action—the paper outlines how people must have agency to shape the way they are represented and included in data and in the ways that data is collected, managed, and used. Involving people in decisions related to how their data is managed and used ensures that their interests are represented. Evidence-based actions are the final step in the life cycle of data, and so the paper explains how investing in cultures of data use, reuse, and sharing is critical to ensuring data results in equitable and sustainable development. 

The paper ends with recommendations for ways that governments and policymakers, multilateral and civil society organizations, donors, and private companies can take steps to achieve this vision. 

The feedback collected during the public consultation will result in revisions to the white paper and its recommendations, building toward a new manifesto and global advocacy campaign launching later this year.

The consultation runs from today, May 2, through May 20—centralized through an online survey available in English, French and Spanish on the Data Values Project web hub. Add your voice to the public consultation here.

About the Data Values Project

The Data Values Project is a global policy advocacy campaign started in Spring 2021 by the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data’s Secretariat and Technical Advisory Group members. The project aims to create consensus on what needs to change to ensure that the power of data works to transform lives and create sustainable development while also protecting people, especially the most vulnerable, from harm and marginalization. Ultimately, the Data Values Project is aiming to build a global movement for change that translates into specific actions at the local, national, and regional levels.