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What is the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data?

The Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data is an open, independent, multi-stakeholder network harnessing the data revolution for sustainable development.

Who is part of the Global Partnership?

The Global Partnership is a network of more than 280 data champions representing the full range of data producers and users from around the world, including governments, companies, civil society groups, international organizations, academic institutions, foundations, statistics agencies, and other data communities. Together, we envision a world where data is being used more effectively and efficiently by:

  • Governments to improve policymaking and service delivery, including aligning budgets with needs.
  • Citizens and civil society groups to make better decisions and hold leaders accountable for their actions.
  • Companies to build capacity and drive entrepreneurship and innovation.

What does the Global Partnership do?

The Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data helps to:

  • Raise the profile of data on global, regional, and national political agendas and build broad constituencies to support data production, access, and use.
  • Foster multi-stakeholder collaboration, to innovate, share knowledge, and solve problems.
  • Improve data access and interoperability mechanisms and standards.

Why was the Global Partnership formed?

The Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data was launched in 2015 in Addis Ababa and New York, alongside a new global framework for sustainable development, adopted by world leaders during the 70th session of the United Nations General Assembly. The UN Secretary-General’s Independent Expert Advisory Group on a Data Revolution for Sustainable Development (IEAG) had previously identified the exponential increase in volume, quality, and sources of data as a major potential driver of sustainable development, and called for the creation of a Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data.

How is the Global Partnership different from other initiatives?

The Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data is unique in its mission, makeup, and approach. We bring together all stakeholders in the data landscape – governments, civil society, and the private sector. We aim to solve a fundamental crisis at the heart of the worldwide movement to eradicate extreme poverty — a crisis of non-existent, inaccessible or unreliable data, and a lack of skills to use it. To address this crisis, we are creating a center of gravity in the development data space that fosters collaboration among a diverse set of actors, driving data up political agendas and working together to find solutions to the problems that inhibit the production and use of data. Our membership includes public, private, and civil society groups from around the globe, working across a range of sectors and causes.

What challenges does the Global Partnership aim to address?

Important decisions affecting development around the world are often based on incomplete, inaccessible, or simply inaccurate information. But change is underway. Robust and powerful data ecosystems are emerging, and new technology has improved the availability and usability of data. The Global Partnership seeks to:

  • INCREASE the demand and supply of credible, accurate, dynamic, and disaggregated data.
  • ADDRESS data gaps in terms of quantity, timeliness, credibility, and quality.
  • INCREASE the capacity, accessibility, and effective use of data for decision-making, empowerment, and accountability.
  • PROMOTE broad dissemination and scaling of new data innovations and technologies.
  • CONNECT stakeholders across sectors as well as across data communities to harness the data revolution for sustainable development and leave no one behind.

What has the Global Partnership been working on since its launch?

Since our political launch in September 2015, we have:

  • CATALYZED ambitious commitments and collaborations to harness the data revolution for sustainable development.
  • ELEVATED data issues at important national, regional, and international events.
  • SUPPORTED the advancement of country-led Data Roadmaps for Sustainable Development in Colombia, Ghana, Kenya, the Philippines, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, and elsewhere.
  • CREATED the Data4SDGs Toolbox to support Data Roadmaps for Sustainable Development.
  • LAUNCHED a multi-million dollar Collaborative Data Innovations for Sustainable Development funding initiative.
  • PROTOTYPED a Data4SDGs API Highways Infrastructure to advance data use, access, and interoperability.
  • See Our Impact page for more.


What is the Global Partnership’s working model?

A Board and a Technical Advisory Group govern the Global Partnership while a Secretariat manages day-to-day operations led by Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Claire Melamed. The United Nations Foundation hosts the Global Partnership.

Members of the Global Partnership engage through a series of working groups, project-specific collaborations, and country-led Data Roadmaps, as well as national, regional, and global events.

Who provides resources to the Global Partnership?

Numerous members of the Global Partnership provide monetary and in-kind contributions, including staff time, technology, advice, and other assets. Major funding has been provided by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, Ford Foundation, International Development Research Centre, and World Bank, as well as the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation and U.S. government, through the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief and the Millennium Challenge Corporation.

Who can join the Global Partnership?

The Global Partnership is open to all governments, international institutions, companies, and civil society groups, as well as statistics and data organizations that are dedicated to harnessing data to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

How do I sign up to become a member of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data?

To become a partner, your organization will be asked to fill out a brief form and share how is your organization working towards improving data ecosystems for sustainable development. If you are an individual looking to engage with the Global Partnership, please follow the website and our Twitter account and look for our invites and calls to action.

How does the Global Partnership support its members?

We see ourselves as conveners, connectors, and catalyzers. We facilitate our members’ access to other key stakeholders to exchange best practices, learn from one another, and drive impact together in ways one actor would not be able to do working alone.