There is a fundamental problem at the heart of the efforts to eradicate extreme poverty — a problem of unreliable or non-existent data and the lack of skills and willingness to use it. The Global Partnership on Sustainable Development Data is a response to that crisis.

Whether for reasons of convenience, cost, or corruption, important decisions about how money and resources are allocated to services helping the poorest people in the world’s least developed countries are too often made based on data that is incomplete, inaccessible, or simply inaccurate — from health to gender equality, human rights to economics, and education to agriculture.

We are a global network of governments, NGOs, and businesses working together to strengthen the inclusivity, trust, and innovation in the way that data is used to address the world’s sustainable development efforts. We work to bring the resources of national governments, independent non-profits, and private companies to bear on the world’s development data poverty.

Official Statistical Systems are the building block for understanding poverty and how to address it. The global partnership seeks to map data gaps at a national level.

But the world has become more complex. We can now ensure that data is of higher quality, more trustworthy, more understood, and more open.

So we bring the best data, analytical skills, and ideas to solve data problems — from using satellites to monitor agriculture efforts, to citizen engagement tools to understand sanitation requirements in villages in remote parts of the world. We work to ensure that governments are given the tools they need to ensure they leave no-one behind in these development efforts.

Our Vision 2030

A world in which everyone is able to engage in solving the world’s greatest problems by:

  • Effectively using data
  • Fostering trust and accountability in the sharing of data

It is a world where data is mobilized to leave none behind. Champions of The Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data have already committed to deliver over 100 data driven projects worldwide that are creating a pathway to this Vision 2030. The Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data will continue to coordinate these projects and is looking for new ways to harness the data revolution and need your involvement.

our goals

We are governments, international organizations, companies, civil society groups, and statistics and data communities who represent all sectors of society and all regions of the world, dedicated to achieving the Global Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

The Global Partnership on Sustainable Development Data  works together to achieve these goals in our first year:

  • Improve the effective use of data
  • Fill key data gaps
  • Expand data literacy and capacity
  • Increase openness and leverage of existing data
  • Mobilize political will and resources

We are committed to all sectors to have access to the right information at the right time, in the right formats, and available for the right people to make the right decisions.