There is a crisis at the heart of efforts to solve the world’s most pressing issues. This crisis is hindering the fight to confront global issues, i.e., ending world hunger, eliminating poverty, empowering more women, fighting for health care for all, and fighting for the notion that climate change is real.

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The Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data supports data-driven decision-making by initiating more open, new, and usable data to help end extreme poverty, combat climate change, and ensure a healthy life for all.

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  • Support multi-stakeholder data initiatives which connect the data revolution in achieving the SDGs;  
  • Focus on building a capacity to generate, share, and use available data at local levels;
  • Contribute to filling data gaps, using original data as well as new data in achieving SDGs;
  • Help to develop and build support for international principles tying together the data, including sharing and leveraging the current, privately held data;
  • Organize local, regional, and global data events to advance increasing connectivity, collaboration, and innovation towards achieving and measuring the SDGs.


On September 27th 2015, 193 world leaders committed to 17 Global Goals to achieve 3 extraordinary things in the next 15 years. End extreme poverty. Fight inequality & injustice. Fix climate change. 

To reach these Sustainable Development Goals (The SDGs), we will need to confront a crisis at the heart of solving many of the world’s most pressing issuesa crisis of poor use, accessibility, and production of high quality data that is stunting the fight to overcome global challenges in every areafrom health to gender equality, human rights to economics, and education to agriculture. The availability and access to high quality data is essential to measuring and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.


On September 28th, 2015, The Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data officially launched.

We are an unprecedented, multi-stakeholder group consisting of governments, civil society, private sector, international organizations, academic, statistical and data communities, and networks who represent all sectors of society, dedicated to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.


early actions of the global partnership

Explore how Global Partners are working together to create, open, and use data for sustainable development.

visualizing the data difference


The Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data and the SDGs

Click icons below to explore how data will help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals:


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year one deliverables



1. Set-up national, multi-stakeholder data collaboratives to harness data revolution in all member countries, focusing on building capacity to generate, share, and use data at local level;

Measurement indicator: Number of countries with initiative in place and role of other members in the partnership in contributing to the initiative

2. Contribute data, including from new data sources and other resources to fill gaps in the creation of national baselines for the goals;

Measurement indicator: Number of SDG indicators for which new data available and new methodologies developed to measure

3. Create dynamic visualizations with the best available data related to the goals, and make them accessible and actionable for citizens, policymakers, and business leaders; 

Measurement indicator(s): Number of goals with high quality visualizations, citizens reached via social media; Number of governments and private organizations where leaders report reviewing goals data as part of decision-making

4. Build support for principles to harness the data revolution for sustainable development, including the sharing and leveraging of privately held data;

Measurement indicator(s): Creation of principles complete; Number of countries or initiatives where principles applied

5. Convene local, regional, thematic, and global data events to foster increased connectivity, collaboration, and innovation;

Measurement indicator(s): Number and quality of convening, as measured by participants; Breadth/diversity of participation

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