resource mobilization & alignment

There are plenty of tools and resources helping people access and use data to inform decisions and track progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and other development priorities at the country level. The Global Partnership plans to track these tools and resources and share them with the general public.

Here are some noteworthy data tools and resources:


A clear understanding of resources available for data to inform and monitor efforts to achieve the SDGs and other national development priorities will help make funding more coherent, reveal gaps in funding and accelerate momentum for these gaps to be filled.

The Global Partnership’s annual report on the State of Sustainable Development Data Funding will be a go-to place for quick and reliable information on sustainable development data financing. In addition to presenting facts and figures, the report will discuss challenges and opportunities in the field.


The World Bank is working with the Global Partnership to fund development data innovations related to data production, dissemination and use in low- and middle-income countries. Initial funds have been identified for pilot projects. Stay tuned for a general call for proposals.


Looking at the best ways that governments and other institutions have funded data initiatives will let us take stock of principles that could help others finance data initiatives more efficiently and effectively — whether at local, national, regional or international levels. Data may be available in open data formats and according to common international standards like those supported by the International Aid Transparency Initiative. By setting down a common set of principles, resources mobilized internationally and at the country level can have the biggest impact possible.