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Identity and the SDGs: How Finding the Missing Millions Can Help Achieve Development Goals

  • Center for Global Development 2055 L Street NW - Fifth Floor Washington, DC 20036 (map)

Hosted by: Center for Global Development

A legal identity is the first step to claiming many basic rights. Yet 750m children around the world do not even have a birth certificate. They are denied the chance to play an active and productive role – and to raise themselves and their families out of poverty. SDG Target 16.9 requires states to ‘provide legal identity for all, including birth registration’. Yet legal identification is much more than a goal in itself: it is critical in achieving at least 10 other SDGs from financial inclusion to gender equality to tackling climate change. With legal identity becoming a priority for governments around the world, this high level event considers the implications for, and experiences of, governments in the developed and developing world and examines the potential for biometric technology to help find the missing millions and achieve development goals.