SBC4D is a French consulting company specialized in research and development, program management and execution in the open data and ICTD sector. Core staff and consultants have decades of experience in programs and projects in the ICT for social and economic development, with a special focus on mobile and voice technologies (surveys, mobile data collection, polling, and citizen journalism, among others), on Agriculture and on Open Governance and Open Data.

As of today, SBC4D has participated in programs in more than 20 countries in Africa, South and South-East Asia, South Pacific,and Latin America. SBC4D customers include UN agencies (e.g., ITC, UNDP, UNMC, and UNESCO), the World Bank, private foundations (e.g., MTV Staying Alive Foudation, Open Knowledge Foundation, and the World Wide Web Foundation), research and standardization organizations (e.g., W3C and ODI), governments (e.g., Ghana, Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Fiji), and commercial companies (e.g., Orange and Al Jazeera).

SBC4D has been a pioneer in the development of open data and open government data in low- and middle-income countries. As early as 2010, SBC4D conducted one of the first open data assessment in Ghana and Chile. Since then, SBC4D has conducted similar exercises in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Afghanistan, Indonesia and Mauritania.

We have also been involved in the development of national open data initiatives in Ghana (GODI: Ghana Open Data Initiative), Ethiopia, and Tanzania (TODI: Tanzania Ghana Open Data Initiative) for various tasks from setup of a national initiative, to open data portal design, to policy advice, to training of government officials.

SBC4D has also a strong expertise and experience in the development of the civil society side of open data. One of our biggest projects in this area was the setup of the Tanzania Data Lab (dLab) in collaboration with the University of Dar Es Salam, ODI, and IntraHealth International. This project is part of the Data Collaboratives for Local Impact Initiative (DCLI), funded by PEPFAR and driven by MCC.

Priorities as a partner of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

To support countries, as well as non-governmental actors, on all their data activities: from data collection, to data publication (including anonymization, policy, and curation), to capacity building, to data analysis.

SBC4D commits to support organizations interested in implementing citizen feedback through innovative ICTD platforms.


This Partner Works to Achieve These SDGs