At present, the world gathers only around one-half of the data needed to monitor progress toward quality education based on SDG 4 indicators. As part of its mandate to produce the data to measure progress towards SDG goals and targets, the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) and its partners launched a new knowledge-sharing platform and Data Centre that bring together the latest information on the monitoring of SDG 4 and the Education 2030 targets.
The SDG 4 Global Platform is a portal to UIS-led initiatives dedicated to the development of standards and methodologies, as well as a range of UIS data products and visualisations. In addition, the new SDG 4 Data Centre provides quick and easy access to 43 global and thematic indicators, including placeholder indicators, organized by target.
As the Education 2030 monitoring framework evolves, so will the Global Platform with policy updates, technical information, and the latest data and indicators. The portal also presents the ongoing developments of the Global Alliance to Monitor Learning (GAML), the Technical Cooperation Group on SDG 4–Education 2030 indicators, and the Inter-Agency Group on Education Inequality Indicators.

Researchers, policymakers, and other education experts will find a wealth of data and information at their fingertips to track the complex process of producing the data needed to improve learning and monitor progress towards the Education 2030 targets.


Contributing Partners

UNESCO - United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization - UNESCO Institute for Statistics
The UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) is the official and trusted source of internationally-comparable data on education, science, culture and communication. As the official statistical agency of UNESCO, the UIS produces a wide range of indicators in UNESCO’s fields of action by working with national statistical offices, line ministries and other statistical organizations.

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