The Open Knowledge Foundation (OKF) Germany has developed a prototype for SDG Monitoring at the national level. Our specific focus is SDG implementation in high-income countries and the specific responsibilities for high-income countries in this context. The tool includes three data visualisations.

  • The first visualisation allows a detailed view of the national performance and can be filtered by different SDGs and different indicator sources (for example, the IAEG indicators, official national indicators or indicators from the EU2020 strategy). 

  • The second visualisation allows to compare overviews of country performance for four different countries. Users are able to choose the countries they want to compare.

  • The third visualisation focuses on one indicator at a time and provides additional metadata such as indicator descriptions, target values, and threshold values, among others. Users are also able to download data for each indicators in different data formats.

2030Watch is still work in progress. Current activities on the website is an update of the indicators, the creation of a map view and time trends for the third visualisation and a data portal where users can choose to download different sections of the data (metadata only, country data only) in bulk or per indicator.

A key feature of the project is that we combine official indicators with complementary indicators in order to ensure the high ambition of the 2030 Agenda is reflected in the monitoring. For each indicator we want to build a data partnership with individual NGOs or research institutes. The role of the data partners is to ensure the quality of the indicator choice, the quality of the rating methodology and the updating of the data. So far we have 13 data partnerships agreed.


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