Resilience Brokers champion a pioneering holistic approach to systems change that is driven by the power of collaboration and disruptive technology innovation. Our Programme is designed to create change at the systems level and support the timely delivery of the Global Goals.

Resilience Brokers acts as facilitators in a neutral space, we “broker” support for communities to help them tackle global issues:

  • Developing innovative tools ( and providing access to an open, technology-enabled global ecosystem and innovative financing models.
  • Connecting all actors and enable a fully collaborative environment for the co-creation of rapidly scalable solutions.


Priorities as a partner of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

The Resilience Brokers Programme is an ambitious initiative that will see the implementation of resilient development paths in 200 city regions worldwide by 2022 in order to deliver on the SDGs.

The Resilience Brokers Programme will be delivered through four interlocking workstreams. The four workstreams are designed to work within the unique contexts of each city region–using appropriate tools and methodologies–enabling informed decision-making and supporting integrated interventions that are tailored to the needs and complexities of each individual region.



This Partner Works to Achieve These SDGs