Orodata is a Civic Tech startup simplifying and democratizing public data, turning them to static or interactive data visualizations and leveraging infographics storytelling to foster ease of access to information, drive accountability and transparency.

While we enlighten the citizens on how public money is spent, corruption and public service delivery, so as to sharpen spending choices, our huge focus is on providing in-depth analysis on various crisis, disaster, conflicts, the usage of intervention funds and governance of resources related to them to help inform public decisions.

We hope that by unleashing the power of public data using available datasets, we can improve public service delivery, spur innovation, sustainable development and address multidimensional issues in the country’s weak and failing states.

Priorities as a partner of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

Orodata understands the great importance in unleashing the power of data through 'Open Data' and 'Data Visualization' architecture. We also understand that to achieve the SDGs, that local decision-makers will need to use results data to allocate resources and track milestones and activities. This thus points to not just the quality, usefulness, and availability of local data but the ability to see the hidden patterns, cause-effect relationships in the data for informed decision making. For this we commit to partnering with organizations globally on ensuring data accessibility, transparency, and citizen inclusion through open data and data visualization, plus equipping the local decision makers with the skills to analyse and visualize information more effectively through capacity building training and workshops on data visualization and graphical discovery analysis.


This Partner Works to Achieve These SDGs