The Mullion Group is a consulting and software development group that provides tools, as well as policy and technical advice on how to get the most information out of environmental data. We have a particular focus on developing Measurement, Reporting, and Verification systems for greenhouse gas emissions.

Our work includes developing specialized software for integrating spatial and aspatial data with environmental models. We actively support the development of open-source software for supporting data integration, and founded the moja global project under the Linux Foundation for this purpose.


Priorities as a partner of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

The Mullion Group provides innovative software and services to support policymakers, companies, land managers, and other stakeholders to maximise the value of environmental data.

Our software tools enable our customers to extract the information that they need from their environmental data.This is being achieved through the continued development of the software as a service platform FLINTpro (Full Lands Integration Tool pro) and the open-source FLINT. The FLINT and FLINTpro can calculate and report on multiple different indices in a single system and allows countries to maintain spatially and temporally explicit data in a consistent framework and will be able to support policymakers to undertake scenario testing and track of progress toward Sustainable Development Goals. The FLINT framework is completely flexible, allowing for country-specific implementation depending on policy needs and provides a basis for continuous improvement.


Initiatives in Mullion Group


Environment Data Collaborative

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Using earth observation and remote sensing data to protect the environment and improve climate resilience.

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