ImpactReady is a social enterprise founded in 2011 to bridge the gap between evaluation, programme design, and social business. Our mission is to enhance the social impact of development outcomes by working with key development agencies and stakeholders to strengthen their organizational strategies, evaluation, and learning processes. ImpactReady specializes in the provision of consultancy services in the development sector and major clients include UNICEF, UN Women, UNDP, UNFPA, DFID, Irish Aid, and many others.

ImpactReady is currently incubating a new concept, DataReady. A huge amount of social impact data exists within international development organizations. The challenge we see is that this is often too fragmented and invisible, hosted in a massive variety of different software tools, with restricted access, not searchable, and with no mechanism of quality assurance.

DataReady is a new effort to address this challenge. DataReady's vision is of a sustainable development sector in which data is used to drive operational decisions that result in real improvements to people's lives.


Priorities as a partner of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

In November 2017, ImpactReady launched a new concept, the DataReady initiative. Through DataReady, ImpactReady is supporting the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data’s convening role within the Collaborative for SDG Data Interoperability.

We believe that at its heart, the Data Revolution is about people and organizational systems. It is about broadening horizons and perceptions about what is, and what is not, possible to achieve using new sources, new approaches and new ways of exploring and interacting with data. We want to see data being used to drive operational decisions that can improve people’s lives and lead to greater efficiencies in the effort to reduce poverty and achieve sustainable development. DataReady is a multi-mode and human-centered initiative designed to deliver this vision.

Our value comes from the direct line that we draw between in-country operational development data needs and international policy processes. By focusing on areas where we have core skillsets, and working in partnership with others, we aim to contribute meaningfully to global discussions on how to harness the power of data to drive real improvements in people’s lives.

We focus our work on five areas of expertise:

  1. Policy context analysis in the data revolution
  2. Organisational strategy development, and monitoring, evaluation, and learning
  3. Data regulation and compliance
  4. Organisational data capacity and literacy
  5. Operational-level user-friendly technical tools and apps

Our work is underpinned by four founding principles:

  1. Promoting a bottom-up approach that prioritizes in-country operational data needs
  2. Focusing first and foremost on individual user and organizational data needs, not just technological solutions or available data
  3. Recognising the value of real-world data stories and narratives to communicate in-country needs to international policy audiences
  4. Being nimble and adaptive to ensure that we remain relevant in this fast-changing landscape.

This Partner Works to Achieve These SDGs