Neeyati Patel
Project Manager
UN Environment Program


  • UN Environment Program

unep live

The UNEP Live knowledge management platform facilitates the exchange and sharing of national, regional and global data, assessment findings and knowledge among member countries, research networks, communities of practice, indigenous peoples and societies in order to keep the environment and emerging issues under review.

Through its SDG Synergies portal, users can retrieve indicator-level data, track a country’s progress in reporting on data, show data linkages between the Sustainable Development Goals and key multilateral environmental agreements and access the common underlying language used for indicators so that comparisons on knowledge and data can be made.

Advanced visualizations and pioneering technology used in the UNEP Live Web Intelligence portal help users understand contested issues, track the evolution of public dialog over time and identify priority environmental indicators shaping public opinion. The real-time information collected is a reflection of current opinion trends and can be used to support decision-making and increase environmental literacy.

This collaborative is active globally.


  • Opening, sharing and leveraging existing data
  • Increasing data literacy and capacity
  • Supporting effective decision- and policy-making

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