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Seventeen was launched in 2015 by Citizen Cyberlab in collaboration with New York University's Governance Lab, the ONE Campaign and the crowdsourcing company SciFabric. The collaborative regularly invites people from around the globe to pitch projects that use open data and crowdsourcing to tackle the Sustainable Development Goals at a local, regional or global level. Candidates identify open data relevant to an SDG — for example photos, scanned documents, video clips and tweets. They then define a crowdsourcing goal with clear, measurable outcomes. Finally, they submit an idea to Citizen Cyberlab, explaining how it will help to tackle the SDGs. Selected candidates receive support and guidance on how to refine their project concept, set up a prototype crowdsourcing app on an open-source platform and promote their project through the collaborative's networks.

This collaborative is active in Colombia, India, Lithuania, Nigeria, Philippines, Switzerland, Tanzania and the United Kingdom.


  • Leveraging existing open data,
  • Crowdsourcing the collection and analysis of data
  • Developing new open collection and analysis crowdsourcing projects
  • Increasing data literacy and capacity
  • Supporting citizen science projects

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