Natalie Shoup
Program Officer


  • Data-Pop Alliance
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Orange Group
  • World Economic Forum


The OPAL project works to unleash the power of big data held by private companies for the public good in a privacy preserving, commercially sensible, stable, scalable and sustainable manner. OPAL’s core will consist of an open platform and algorithms that can be run on the servers of partner companies behind their firewalls to extract key development indicators of relevance for a wide range of potential users.

OPAL will also be used to engage with data providers, users and analysts at all stages of its development to build local capacities and connections and shape technological, political, ethical and legal frameworks and principles that govern the local collection, control and use of data to foster innovation and social progress.


  • Unlocking the potential of private data for public good, Improving long-term decision-making and support tactical operations
  • Leveraging the value of open-source, agile and scalable technologies
  • Addressing multiple privacy and security challenges
  • Catalyzing a vibrant and inclusive local data ecosystem
  • Strengthening accountability and accuracy for the ethical use of data

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