Conrad Zellmann
Lead, Data Use
Development Initiatives


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Joined-up Data Standards (JUDS) Project

Data has immense potential to help drive poverty eradication and development, yet it is often incredibly difficult to join up much of the data we have on money, people and results because it is published in different formats or standards. This prevents data from being turned into invaluable information for decision-making and accountability. To solve this, we need to enable existing and future standards to join up.

Development Initiatives and Publish What You Fund have joined forces on the Joined-up Data Standards Project. The JUDS Project focuses on two things — technical solutions and political will — to enable existing and future standards to join up. Efforts to join up data are meant to help equip decision-makers and those holding them to account with vital information for driving sustainable development.

Omidyar Network has contributed US$1 million to the JUDS Project. Other actors interested in contributing to the JUDS Project’s work are invited to contact the collaborative.

This collaborative is active globally.


  • Improving data standards to enable comparability and interoperability of data across sources
  • Leveraging existing data by enabling its joining up across different data standards
  • Encouraging collaboration among standard setters
  • Supporting effective decision- and policy-making by facilitating the comparison of needs, resources and results

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