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Governance Data Alliance

The Governance Data Alliance is a community of governance data producers, users and funders committed to the effective production and use of high-quality data to advance democratic governance reforms in countries around the world. It encourages greater coordination among data producers to fill data gaps while simultaneously investigating who governance data users actually are. The goal is to support a better-functioning market for governance data where data production more closely aligns with actual demand and usage.

The alliance’s work is currently organized around four work streams, including knowledge sharing and collaboration among data producers, the aggregation of high-quality data on an online dashboard, the collection and analysis of governance data user habits and trends, and the piloting of coordinated data co-production efforts to explore possible economies of scale. The alliance's ""Governance Data: Who Uses it and Why?"" report analyzes data collected through the 2014 Reform Efforts Survey, which asked nearly 6,750 policymakers and practitioners in 126 developing countries which sources of external analysis and advice are actually being used on the ground, including governance data.

This collaborative is active globally.


  • Opening, sharing and leveraging existing governance data
  • Developing new techniques for gathering governance data
  • Examining the return on investment from past governance data efforts
  • Catalyzing the mobilization and alignment of resources for governance data production
  • Fostering the development of principles and good practices through governance data producer peer learning and peer training

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