Alexandra Silfverstolpe
Founder & CEO, Data Act Lab

Collaborative Members

  • Dalberg
  • Data Act Lab

Country-owned SDG data dashboards

The vision for this initiative is to help countries progress against the Sustainable Development Goals by helping them create a user-friendly and open-access online platform that tracks progress and provides insight, analysis and a forum for national-level sharing and dialogue around the SDGs and financing for development. The platform is meant to help researchers and leaders in government and academia, civil society and the private sector better target their resources and actions to meet the SDGs.

This collaborative is active in Ghana, Nigeria, Philippines and Tanzania.


  • Developing new collection techniques
  • Opening, sharing and leveraging existing data
  • Catalyzing the mobilization and alignment of resources
  • Fostering the development of principles and good practices
  • upporting effective decision- and policy-making

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