Phil Dickerson
Program Director, AirNow
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


  • UNEP


AirNow was designed to provide the public with real-time air quality observations, forecasts and health information that citizens can use to plan activities such that exposure can be reduced. The system started in 1998, when air quality data was not easily accessible by the public and a national real-time dataset was unavailable. Since then, AirNow has provided actionable information to the US public as well as encouraged and supported air quality efforts around the world.

AirNow has developed a real-time air quality standard that is used by all data submitters; for interoperability, an AirNow API provides service-based data capabilities. Data is used daily by air quality forecasters and sometimes emergency responders. It is also consulted for epidemiological studies.

This collaborative is active in China, Mexico, Taiwan, and the USA.


  • Opening, sharing, and leveraging existing data
  • Catalyzing the mobilization and alignment of resources
  • Supporting effective decision- and policy-making

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