data principles & protocols

Data principles and protocols structure the ways different actors in the data ecosystem interact with one another. They can build trust across sectors and data communities, and enable smoother interaction and more useful insights by providing a basis for improved interoperability. In short, principles and standards are part of the structural enabling environment for a functioning market and ecosystem for sustainable development data. 

The Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data is producing a comprehensive inventory of:

  • Existing principles, standards, protocols and agreements that underpin the current data ecosystem, highlighting gaps that existing principles have filled as well as the gaps that remain.
  • Emerging practice in contracts and in other relationships that can provide a basis for extracting common principles for the emerging data ecosystem.

The inventory will allow us to examine the evolution of principles and protocols and the difference they are making. It will also point to gaps and challenges, and allow us to work toward the next generation of principles and protocols for sharing privately held and other kind of data.