DATA in action

Members of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data are committed to mobilizing high-level political commitment to leverage data to improve lives, preserve the planet and guarantee peace and prosperity for all. It's about getting data and evidence-based policy-making onto the political agenda — and keeping it there. Ultimately, this will drive investment and improve impact.

Here are some ways data can be used to achieve sustainable development:



Assess data on food and nutrition service needs, policies and resources across 116 countries.

SAP Lumira

A downloadable, easy-to-use visualization tool that helps communicate SDG stories using publicly available data.

10 things to know about the data revolution

Data could transform development — but we need to fill the gaps. How much of the big data we collect, for instance, do you think is analyzed today? A story map.

Financing an end to poverty by 2030

What funding gaps — and investment opportunities — may we encounter as we pursue the Sustainable Development Goals? A story map.

How do people make their voices heard?

Parliaments. Protests. Mobile phones? A story map on citizen engagement around the world.

The data revolution: Some things experts just don't know

Do you how many people live in extreme poverty? The data gap. A story map.

data and the global goals: Learn how data is making a difference