Data Financing and Mutual Accountability Pact

A Data Financing and Mutual Accountability Pact is a performance-based agreement between the national government, a set of county governments, external funders and other relevant parties (e.g., technical agencies, CSOs, private companies), whereby the national government and external funders would reward county governments for progress made in producing and publishing better (more timely, more open, more accurate, more complete) data in one or two pillar areas defined in the national SDG Data Revolution Roadmap. 

Progress would be verified independently by a governmental or non-governmental group defined via a competitive process. The reporting of the results of the independent verification process would serve as the opportunity for mutual accountability—all parties would assess efforts made to date and discuss actions needed to speed progress. It would also be the basis by which national government and external funders would release pre-agreed per-unit-of-progress payments to county governments as rewards for their efforts. These performance-based payments would not substitute for other kinds of financing; instead they would act as a complementary mechanism that would empower county governments to mobilize their own and other resources to move forward as quickly as possible against the mutually-agreed goals. 

This is still a developing concept being spearheaded by the Center for Global Development.  This module is under development and will go into further detail for how a data pact could work, why do it, what some of the enabling factors are, challenges, and potential use cases.  Stay tuned for further developments.

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For further information, please contact Rebecca Forman at  rforman@CGDEV.ORG

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