data architectures

How can data be collected, stored and arranged to advance sustainable development? The Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data is facilitating the exchange and meaningful use of data on the Sustainable Development Goals through the coordination of high-level architecture.

We catalyze the design and development of data infrastructure to measure SDG progress. We implement standards and protocols to lower the cost of sharing and interpreting SDG data.

The Global Partnership works with some of the world’s leading builders of data portals, platforms and web services. We help to identify common components of their disparate products and inspire the creation of infrastructure that leads to even more useful data portals, platforms or web services in the future.

Here’s a selection of noteworthy data portals, platforms and web services. The Global Partnership plans to grow and expand on this list to provide targeted information to even more end users, including policymakers, researchers and the general public.


Africa Information Highway
African Development Bank Group




Climate Partnership for Resilience and Preparedness
World Resources Institute (convening organization)
Not yet published


Crowdfunding the SDGs
Agora for Good


GEOSS Common Infrastructure (GCI)
Group on Earth Observations (GEO)


Global Power Plant Tool
World Resources Institute
Not yet published


Governance Data Alliance Dashboard
Governance Data Alliance / Results for Development


Project 8
The Demand Institute


Resource Watch
World Resources Institute


Self-aware Data Objects (SDOs)